Music for all the Family

Music for everyone - Ocarina Workshop Ocarinas are for Kids, Teenagers and Adults too – the bright colours; the large repertoire of tunes and the lively CDs mean that there really is music for everyone, whatever stage of life you have reached:

  • 4 – 7 year olds prefer the simplicity of the 4-hole Oc with Book 1 or with ‘1-2-3 Ocarina’ as tunes are immediately playable from both books.
  • 8 –10 year olds will progress quickly with a 4-hole Oc Starter Set and soon be ready for Book 2, and beyond.
  • 11 – 14 year olds may like a 6-hole Ocarina from the start – just remember to keep the thumb-holes covered when playing tunes in Book 1 & 2, and think about investing in the Complete Guide: Books 1 – 4 to take you further.
  • Advanced Ceramic Ocarinas are just as easy to play as the plastic Oc® and Duet Ocarinas are a wonderful challenge for any musician, of any age

The ages above are only suggestions and will vary according to hand-size, maturity, and musical ability of each player. When making your choice, it may be helpful to know that many adults stick with the 4-hole Oc® and some 8 year olds have a 6-hole Oc® or Ceramic Alto and can play all the tunes in Book 3. Ceramic Bass and Mini ocarinas can be played perfectly well by 9 and 10 year olds and are a great introduction to how to care for a musical instrument.

Music for everyone - Purple OcarinaThe Ocarina is a Teach-it-Yourself instrument. Younger or less confident children will enjoy learning one-to-one with a parent or friend in the early stages, and many families learn to play together, side-by-side.

The Ocarina is a real leveller…
Whichever ones you choose, we hope you have lots of fun.

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