Ocarinas at School

Primary School Ocarina PlayersWhy is the Ocarina special?

  • there is no complex blowing method and each note is equally easy to play
    Whilst other instrumentalists are still learning to set up or tune their instruments, Ocarina players are whizzing up and down the octave and playing proper tunes.
  • you and your children will be reading music in an instant
    Note-by-note music learning is supported by pictorial notation, which is attached to the musical stave and shows which combination of holes to cover. This is not a cheat: it is highly successful, and greatly rewarding.
  • the key to successful music-making is learning to play hundreds of tunes
    Start securely by making sure that everyone can read the tablature, and soon everyone will be playing hundreds of well-known traditional melodies.
  • everyone stays motivated as progression is rapid
    When a tune is new or unfamiliar, just put on the CD, sing or hum along, and then you’ll all be ready to play.
  • no squeaks
    The sound of a class of youngsters playing ocarinas blends well and, in time, everyone will make a good sound whether playing solo or in a group.
  • skills learned are transferable skills
    Ocarina playing leads on equally well to playing other wind and string instruments: skills include familiarity with musical notation, playing melodies and harmonies and learning a fingering that has no confusing similarities to any other instrument.

The School Ocarina, its music and teaching methods are created with children and teachers in mind:

Start with the Ocarina Rainbow Starter Box™ of 12 Oc® plastic school ocarinas, 12 Play Your Ocarina Book 1 and teacher’s notes, safely packed in a sturdy box for storage in class. Or better still, order a Class Pack of three Ocarina Rainbow Starter Boxes and receive all the Teaching Resources, including the acclaimed CD-Rom Software, FREE.

Our ‘Star Buy‘ is brilliantly priced at just £16.50 per child for a 4-hole Ocarina and two books, Play Your Ocarina Book 1 and 1-2-3 Ocarina for everyone – plus the teacher receives generous resources worth over £122 for free.

This really does work. In the hands of class teachers, music can be both taught and caught… try it!

School Ocarina - YellowSchool Ocarina - BlueSchool Ocarina - GreenSchool Ocarina - Purple School Ocarina - RedOrange School Ocarina