Ocarinas for beginners

What age do you recommend children start to play the ocarina?

My ocarina has a different number of holes; how do I play it?

How does the ocarina compare with the recorder?

Plastic and ceramic ocarinas

How soon can I play the 6-hole ocarina?

Which sounds better, the plastic or the ceramic ocarina?

Are ceramic ocarinas breakable?

Music books and CDs

Can I play beyond Book 1 on my 4-hole Oc® ?

How will my children learn to read music?

May I photocopy the music books for use within my group?

Ocarinas for schools

Are all ocarinas suitable for school use?

Should I choose 4-hole or 6-hole ocarinas?

Should I sterilise class sets of ocarinas?

Ocarina teaching CD-Rom software

If I order the CD-Rom, do I need books as well?

Can I print pages from the CD-Rom?

Can I buy a Site Licence for the CD-Rom?

Ocarinas and other instruments

Can all instruments play from the Play your Ocarina music books?

Can D and G ocarinas play together?

Where can I hear ocarina groups?

Duet Ocarinas

How many notes can you play on a Duet ocarina?

How is the Duet ocarina made?

Can two Duet ocarina players play quartets?