Music for All

Music for All has always been Ocarina Workshop’s passion and motivation – in fact it was David’s trading name throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

In 1983 David began selling simple terracotta Ocarinas at weekend craft shows. During the week, he tested Ocarinas with classes of children in Infant, Junior and Secondary Schools, and with adults in evening classes, resulting in ever-improving Ocarina Instruments and his first ‘Music for All’ publications. These 14 pocket-sized books established the English Ocarina as a ‘proper’ instrument.

In 1990, David and Christa joined the ranks of the world’s first desktop music publishers to start production on their ‘Play your Ocarina’ series. These books now offer the definitive guide to playing English Ocarinas, with over 200 tunes, solos and ensemble arrangements, along with professionally recorded CDs. They feature music for every taste and occasion.

Over the last three decades Ocarina Workshop’s inclusive ‘Music for All’ approach has created more than a million musicians. Braille charts for blind students and one-handed instruments for one-handed players make Ocarinas accessible in unexpected ways. And Ocarina charts continue to help those with special educational needs to overcome their fear of reading. Ocarina teaching methods unlock the latent musicianship in everyone. And through Ocarina-playing, many have gained the musical confidence to enjoy life more fully and make music more effectively.

Ocarina Workshop teacher trainings have skilled general class teachers to lead music lessons using our Award-Winning resources. We have been shortlisted for Music Industry Awards as Distributors to the music trade and as ‘Music Makers’, enabling so many to take part in music. And in 2015, the 4-hole Oc® was voted ‘Best Music Education Product’ winner at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence.

Whilst Music for All is now the name of charities supporting music in the UK and USA, the phrase remains part of our history and our working philosophy.

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