Ocarina Videos – Group Performances

These Ocarina Videos give you a chance to hear whole-class and whole-school ocarina playing. The first section of Ocarina Videos are recordings of Infant and Junior school children playing the Ocarina with their class teacher. These are followed by a series of Teaching Ocarina Videos for use in school or at home: Playing Tips, First Notes, Tonguing, Twinkle Twinkle,  Ode to Joy,  New World

Whole Class Ocarinas

You will hear 9 & 10 year olds in a small village school and a class of 7 year olds in a large primary school. Both groups had been playing the ocarina for just 6 or 7 weeks with their class teacher:

As you will see in the Ocarina Videos, all Ocarina Workshop resources are really easy to use. The 4-hole Ocarina & Book 1 is the best place to start. Ocarina Workshop have three special offers so you can equip each child for just £11 ex-vat and resource a teacher for free. Try just one ocarina and book, order a small group set or equip your whole class.

Ocarinas are accessible for everyone and give musical success to all:

Ocarinas are wonderful for our children! Nearly every child can play all of the tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 1, even those who find everything else difficult. Reading Ocarina-music is particularly good to encourage hand-eye co-ordination and even the least literate of our children succeed with this. SEN Music Teacher, Hertfordshire

To see where most classes begin, move on to Ocarina Beginners.