One Girl Band – Ocarina Fun for One

Anyone can play the ocarina successfully and become a good musician.

Start with Ocarina Workshop’s plastic ocarina, the Oc, and CD Edition of ‘Play your Ocarina’ Book 1 to sound just like our friend in the video below.

Listen to the audio CD and follow the picture music in the book to work out how the tune goes. The backings will give you all the style you need to lay down an effective melody. No particular techniques are required to play the 4-hole Oc – just have a go and delight your audience. Or play along with the video. You’ll find the music on page 20 of Book 1.

You can also play along with a group or, as in the next video, a band – a one-girl band! The Oc fits in with lots of other instruments. Nosefluter says: “I love the Oc because it’s such an easy instrument to play and carry around.” Hear what she means and play along with ‘Rock around the Oc’ – you’ll find it on page 30 of ‘Play your Ocarina’ Book 3.

Playing from Book 1 to Book 4 is like going from Grade 1 to Grade 4 on an orchestral instrument. You learn loads of great tunes in many different styles, and pick up some interesting techniques like ‘nose-shading’ on the way (Book 2, page 24).

A 6-hole Oc or ceramic Alto is handy for the more challenging tunes in Books 3 and 4. The Complete Book and ceramic Alto offer interest for adults and musicians as well – you’re never too old or too musical to try something new!

For the ultimate in unusual musical instruments, try the Duet Ocarina. Yes it really does play duets! Listen to our young friend as she gets her small fingers around a Tenor Duet Ocarina, the next to largest in the Duet family (Duet Ocarina Book, page 6).

For more ideas of what to play, watch our Video Gallery and enjoy all sorts of performances given over the last 30 years, including Ocarinas on TV and Award-Winning School Ocarina Groups.