Ocarina Beginners

The English National Music Plan states, in paragraph 12, that in Music Lessons…

“Every Child should be able to experience enjoyment and success from the earliest stages.”

Teachers, pupils and parents tell us that learning to play the Ocarina in school gives everyone this opportunity. One teacher wrote recently saying how much she loves the Oc®:

…it has a pure, gentle and very sweet tone, and is a delight to play. I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults alike the joys of ocarina playing on these plastic ocarinas along with the books and CDs that accompany them – everyone succeeds, surpassing their own and others’ expectations. It is so rewarding to play together or by yourself.

The Ocarina’s sound is flattering when played solo and in small and large groups:

Little Bird (Year 2, Kingshill Infants’ School, Ware)

Start slowly and keep everyone with you; together you will make a great sound.

These ocarina beginners from Crofton Infants’ School are taught by their Headteacher. She tells us:

Our Children are only Infants so they are very young and the recorder can be quite tricky to master. I started exploring other instruments and then heard about another school that had successfully introduced the ocarina and realised it would be perfect. It’s a lot easier on the ear than a recorder as it produces a softer, less squeaky sound, so parents really like it too.

Daisy Daisy (Ocarina Club, Crofton Infants’ School, Wakefield)

Everyone is invited to play the ocarina at Crofton, which is a small school, and many choose to learn:

Ocarina Club has 42 members and their talents impressed OFSTED inspectors at a recent inspection. The Inspectors were surprised to see so many children reading music and playing so well at such a young age. It is something they really enjoy and, once they get the hang of it, can play beautiful tunes in a matter of weeks.

Muffin Man (Ocarina Club, Crofton Infants’ School, Wakefield)

To see how these children have gone on to play great classical theme tunes, move on to Ocarina Classics.