Ocarina Classics

It’s easy to play great music with Ocarinas.
Play your Ocarina Books have many ‘proper’ classical extracts, including this one from Dvořák’s New World Symphony (Book 1 page 26), which these six and seven year olds at Crofton Infants’ love to play:

New World, Dvořák (Crofton Infants’ School)

Ode to Joy (Beethoven) is also in Book 1 (page 27). By the end of Year 2, most Kingshill Infants (below) can play this and the other tunes in Book 1, following the music on the CD-Rom Software:

Ode to Joy, Beethoven (Kingshill Infants’ School)

At Witham Hall School, children play all the way through Books 1-4 from the age of 7 to 11. Although many of these top Juniors also play orchestral instruments, they still enjoy playing ocarinas together in music lessons. When asked “shall we play some Mozart”, a cheer went up – this is one of their favourites…

Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart (Witham Hall School)

Back at Crofton Infants, the children were keen to demonstrate that they can also play classics from Book 2. This completely mixed ability group of seven year olds are playing the Can Can after only a few weeks’ practice. Notice the concentration as they play the tricky downward scale of notes.

Can Can, Offenbach (Crofton Infants’ School)

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to teachers and pupils at Kingshill Infants’ Ware, Crofton Infants’ Wakefield and Witham Hall Lincolnshire for inviting us into their schools to record their beautiful playing.

To see how these groups gained greater skills and advanced techniques whilst playing a broader repertoire, move on to Ocarina Progression.