Ocarina CPD Teacher Training | Ocarina Festivals for Children

David Liggins delivers Ocarina Teacher-training CPD and Ocarina WorkshopsOcarina Workshop CPD / Teacher Training is for any teacher who wishes to deliver Instrumental Music, keeping music-making active and hands-on.

David and Christa Liggins, Directors of Ocarina Workshop, offer Keynote Presentations, Teacher Trainings and Ocarina Workshops that are practical, relaxed, entertaining and informative. Participants learn how to play the Ocarina for themselves and are then trained in Whole-class Ocarina teaching, from beginners’ lessons to advanced performance. Enquire here.

Ocarina Workshop Teacher Trainings are equally as appropriate for general class teachers with little or no musical experience as for music practitioners:

  • Class teachers gain the confidence and skill to teach instrumental music to their own classes, as well as lots of ideas for effective delivery of the music curriculum. Learn how the ocarina-teaching resources can do all the ‘musical bits’ for you, allowing your latent musicianship to develop alongside that of your pupils.
  • Music practitioners receive training in teaching an instrument that is ready-to-play, ready-strung, 100% tuned and well-resourced, thus allowing maximum time for whole-class music-making. A set of 36 Ocarinas and books is much more compact than any other set of musical instruments, so the Ocarina is ideal for itinerant teachers too.
  • Online training via Zoom, Teams or your preferred platform is also possible. This may be negotiated as part of your purchase of whole-class / whole-school Ocarina resources, with each participant having their own Ocarina and music.

Ocarina Workshop partners with Music Education Hubs in England to widen opportunities for all children to play musical instruments, from 5 to 14, and deliver the National Plan for Music Education core roles.

First access / wider opportunities projects can be delivered to many more children using Ocarinas and at a fraction of the cost of other instruments.

Ocarina CPD Teacher-training Events | Ocarina Festivals for Children

Ocarina Festivals give large groups of children the chance to learn to play ocarinas together from scratch and/or celebrate the ocarina-playing skills already learned in the classroom. Hundreds of first-time or experienced ocarina players can learn, play and perform together – and yes, they will play proper recognisable tunes! This is an ideal way to mobilise beginner musicians, to open a regional ocarina-playing project or to bring such a project to completion through a combined, celebratory large group performance event.

If you would like to plan an Ocarina Teacher Training CPD or Festival in your School, cluster of Schools, Music Hub or online, please complete our form.

We are happy to hear from you wherever you are 🙂

Thank you for making music so accessible to all. Headteacher, Hampshire