How to Teach Ocarina-playing

Teach Beginner Ocarina PlayersGovernments around the world increasingly expect children to play musical instruments in primary school. But who should teach? Many instruments are expensive, complex and require expert musical tuition.

We have developed the Ocarina to be taught, wherever possible, by the class teacher. Why?

1. We believe the person who knows the children best is the best one to introduce them to music. And if you don’t read music, just follow the charts and enjoy playing a few tunes for yourself.

2. You can stay just one step ahead of the class and use your normal teaching skills to guide their progress.
When children play more fluently than you, get one of them to demonstrate the next tune – using their skills to help you and the whole class. Keep music-making ACTIVE with everyone have a go and expectations high all round.

3. Ocarinas are many times easier to play than recorders and other similar instruments. And because the Oc® is so much easier to play, it is also easier to teach. The Ocarina Report evidences this.

The Oc® English Ocarina is Squeak free and cuts out if overblown, Accurately tuned within itself and to play with other instruments, A natural breath gives a pure note and each note is equally easy to play, Fingerholes are easy to cover with minimal co-ordination of the two strongest fingers, The instrument is light and easy to hold with each finger-pattern giving one unique note, The Ocarina-code is cracked quickly, leaving time to make more music.

4. With our instantly accessible teaching materials, anyone can run lunchtime and after-school ocarina clubs as well as whole-class Ocarina music lessons. The Teacher Books will guide you with specific Ocarina teaching methods for each new song. These come free in the Class Packs, along with your own Ocarina and Book set to get you started.

If you would like to teach your class to play the Ocarina, first learn to play for yourself, then purchase a Set of Ocarinas and teaching resources for your class. Visit OcShop or call us on 01536 485 963 – Order today, play and teach tomorrow!

Ocarina Teaching CD-Rom SoftwareI’ve just seen 5 year old non-readers playing ‘Twinkle twinkle’ from your books and am amazed. You should add to your selling points that ocarina-playing promotes reading-readiness.
Early Years’ Advisor, Hampshire

My class played for the first time after October half-term and, within 5 weeks, were playing Carols in the Christmas concert.
Year 5 teacher, Hillingdon