Ocarina Music – Play your Ocarina books

Play your Ocarina – crack the code

  • Playing the ocarina is just like singing – if you know a tune and can sing it, just follow the ocarina finger-charts and you can play it too…
  • Ocarina Music is a code. Once the code is cracked, it is like a secret language, understood at a glance by even the youngest of children.
  • Oc-pix™ show which hole to cover to play each note:

Ocarina Code
Ocarina Music Charts


Oc-box™ are attached to the musical stave, a key to unlock music-reading:

Even two and three-part music and complicated tunes can be shown in codeGrandfather's Clock Ocarina

You don’t need to read ‘normal’ music. Just listen to the CD, and then sing or play along:

Play your Ocarina Book 1 is the recommended starting point for all first-time ocarina-players
Play your Ocarina Book 2 has folk songs and dance tunes from around the world
Play your Ocarina Book 3 has optional harmonies throughout, so find a friend and play together
Play your Ocarina Book 4 is full of showy solos and group items for more accomplished ocarina-players
Play your Ocarina Songs of Praise has a wonderful mix of songs of all sorts
Play your Ocarina Carols has Christmas songs at all levels, ideal for solo or group carolling

Play your Ocarina Music Books