Starting Off – music for beginners

Starting Off - Music for Beginners - Ocarina playerPlay your Ocarina music books guarantee rapid progress and immediate success.

Well-known tunes are clearly presented in ocarina-shaped charts called Oc-pix™ and ocarina tablature known as Oc-box™, side-by-side with traditional music notation. These musical notations encourage reading skills with young children, and help anyone to find the notes and play tunes fluently right from the start.

With most instruments you only play a few notes in the first few sessions. With the ocarina, we introduce the full octave straight away and, within a short time, you’ll be playing all eleven notes on the 4-hole ocarina.

For best value get your Ocarina and Books as a set. If you choose a 6-hole ocarina, just keep the thumb holes covered to play all 22 tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 1, and you’ll soon be playing from the other books as well.

The CD edition of Book 1 is great to listen to and sets the speed and style of each piece. Orchestral melodies are presented with full orchestral backings, whilst folk tunes, such as Skye Boat Song, have authentic folk instruments to accompany your practice and performance. Enjoy!

Starting Off - Music for Beginners - Ocarina WorkshopStarting Off - Music for Beginners - Ocarina notation