Performing – create solo and group performances

Performing Ocarina ensemble - Masquerade OcarinasThe art of a good performance is to give your audience confidence and pleasure in your playing. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Always tackle ocarina pieces that are well rehearsed and within your capability. Add introductions, endings and harmonies whenever possible to ‘wrap up’ your tune like a well packaged gift.
  • By linking tunes, you can create medleys that are more interesting than lots of short, individual pieces. Find tunes that have a similar rhythm and, ideally, are in contrasting keys. Play tune A followed by tune B and back to tune A; this will give a sense of journey and arrival that is very satisfying. The many rounds and harmonies in the Play your Ocarina books are perfect for group playing. Your audience may also enjoy singing along with familiar songs.

Performing Young Ocarina Players

  • Use live accompaniment and CD backings to support your playing. If you play in a group, mix instruments so that ocarinas, guitars, flutes and others all play together. Different size ocarinas, particularly Mini and Bass, can add colour to any piece.
  • Add harmonies to build your Ocarina ensemble – Play your Ocarina Book 3 has sparkling solos and duets, with optional harmony parts in every piece. These can be used as ready-made group arrangements. Or start simply with tunes in Books 2, Songs of Praise and Carols that have introduce harmony playing step-by-step.
  • Remember the value of playing a simple tune well. This can be just as impressive as playing more showy and complex pieces. The videos of Masquerade Ocarinas may give you ideas of how to develop your group.

At Ocarina Workshop, we aim to support all that is good in music education, music in the community and music in the home. We are always pleased to hear from ocarina players and teachers and wish you well on your musical journey.