Musical Benefits of playing a first musical instrument

First Musical Instrument - Ocarina Player at SchoolWhether you learn to play the ocarina at home or at school, the musical benefits are endless: Improved IQ, better exam results and increased self confidence are all well known, documented musical benefits of playing a first musical instrument. Playing the ocarina is one of the best ways to get on the first rung of the musical ladder.

Read some of these comments to see just where it can all lead…

The ocarina was my first musical instrument at the age of four. Twenty years later, I now have a music degree and am teaching the ocarina to whole classes – thank you Ocarina Workshop.
– Primary Music Co-ordinator, Newark

I can read very little music and didn’t play anything until I was 35 . . . I am amazed I can teach ocarina-playing.
Primary Headteacher, West Yorkshire

I am so thrilled with my Infants. They are such stars! I wish I had found ocarinas 30 years ago. Even those who find other lessons difficult succeed with the ocarina.
Year 2 teacher, Colchester

When your children play Ocarinas, you will notice

  • their motivation and self-esteem growing
  • improvement in reading-readiness, language, literacy and numeracy
  • and delight in making music.

For more background on the first 35 years of English Ocarinas in schools, explore this website:
Ocarinas | How to Play | At School | Videos | News.
And if you would like to find out more about the benefits of playing the Ocarina as a first musical instrument, please ring us on 01536 485 963 and talk to David or Christa.
As teachers ourselves, we have prepared ocarina teaching materials to help YOU become musical and teach music easily & well. OcShop has details – and we are here to support you.

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