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Unlocking Your Musicianship

Music Code-Cracker is a practical book full of how-tos and great ideas for first-time Ocarina-players. Beginner musicians can learn to play tunes, understand musical messages and create their own music.

This is a great hands-on starting point for all-age composing and improvising, particularly suitable for 6 to 12 year olds and teachers too.

Reveal secret meanings by hearing, reading and writing music in many different ways (graphic notation, forwards, backwards and upside down). Explore notes, rhythms and musical sounds through games, puzzles and projects (including Jigsaw, Mosaic, Mirror Music, Trills and Thrills). Learn how to select notes and rhythms for your own musical compositions using words, letters, Morse Code, or imitating sounds (eg: bell chimes, sirens and bird calls).

Become a Music Code-Cracker Decode and create musical messages, and unlock your musicianship…

The songs in this book inspire children’s creative music-making, from first notes and short phrases to whole new pieces. Numeracy, literacy and musical skills are encouraged at every level, with an emphasis on playing music and cracking codes.

And the Teacher book fully supports any teacher to lead successful, practical, whole-class music lessons that will thrill any class. You will be able to stay more than one step ahead, whether you consider yourself “musical” or not.

Buy these class music books in class packs with Ocarinas or as a bulk-buy pack of music books and then Music Code-Cracker Teacher with audio CD comes free each time. For a sequenced curriculum for whole-class composing and improvising, buy together with Music Music-Maker, as our Composer StarBuy.

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