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Music-Maker Books and CDs

Create, Compose, Improvise, Perform!

With Music Music-Maker as your guide, creating your own music will become a delight.

Put together rhythms and riffs, harmonies and lyrics, and play along with the backings to create your own unique pieces and performances. The elements of music are introduced systematically and logically, through hands-on music-making.

Free your children to make up their own music with ocarinas, voices and any other instruments, for creativity at its best.

These 20 songs, along with the comprehensive, easy-to-follow teacher book, will develop your pupils’ musicianship. Use with whole classes to learn about melody and rhythm; play and sing in harmony; choose which of eight parts to play in Song 8 ‘Music Machine’; enjoy graphic notation in Song 9 ‘Spiralling’ and read single lines of music forwards, backwards and upside-down. Composing in a variety of scales and styles will become easy.

Music-Maker helps children to learn about and use all the key elements of music as they play and compose.

The Adventurous Music-Making series meets all the requirements of the music curriculum in an exciting way, throughout Primary and Secondary school years.

Use Music Music-Maker alongside Music Code-Cracker
for a practical introduction to improvising and composing with ocarinas and other instruments in the Composer StarBuy.

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Buy the Pupil books in Class Packs with Ocarinas or as a Class Pack of music books and then the bespoke Teacher book with audio CD comes free each time.

Adventurous Music-Making resources are also suitable for recorders, violins, flutes, ukuleles, glockenspiels, voices…