Music Time-Traveller *NEW*

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21 songs from Stone Age to Space Age

Travel through 42,050 years of musical history from Stone Age to Space Age and into the future. Time travel is the last adventure of the human race – so get onboard for this amazing journey! You will hear the music and instruments of bygone times and be guided to join in with voice and instruments on your way.

Play and sing epic tunes of the Maya, Greeks, Romans, Ancient Egyptians, medieval minstrels, jazz jivers, disco divas and more.

Each song evokes a new era and is accurately dated with an informative timeline as the contents page. Become familiar with the sounds, sights and activities of many peoples through history. Learn about the musical instruments they played, how they wrote their music and what it sounded like – and join in. The colourful illustrations will help you imagine what these instruments look like. Their authentic sounds on the audio CD bring each era to life.

Stone Age people made ocarinas and whistles from stone, bone and wood. The 21 songs in Music Time-Traveller trace the history of vessel flutes from their earliest origins globally from China and the Americas to Europe and more recently England. It also showcases how music has been written down, from earliest times on tablets of clay and papyrus, to the printing press and beyond.

Never before has there been a music book quite like Music Time-Traveller…

All the music is totally accessible for children and teachers alike with the presentation and content as appropriate for 5 year olds as for 15 year olds. The English 4-hole Ocarina, for which these songs are written, is a ‘chameleon’ instrument that it fits in perfectly with each era. Or play on recorders, ukuleles, glockenspiels or the whole class band.

Perform these songs as a continuous narrative from ‘Stone Age Hands’ and ‘Bone Flutes’ to ‘Disco Party 2050’ to showcase 42,050 years of history. Use your own links or those suggested on each page of the class music books.

Music Time-Traveller Teacher supports anyone who is teaching music for the first time. It is also an eye-and ear-opener for experienced music teachers! The authentic piano accompaniments and extension materials will take you and your pupils through a world history of music. All is cross-referenced, making this a great addition for history lessons as well as music.

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Music Time-Traveller Teacher with audio CD comes free with three Ocarina Rainbow Starter Boxes, and in the Class Pack of 36 Ocarinas and 36 Music Time-Traveller class music books. If you just need the books, go here.

Alongside Music Zero-to-hero, Music World-Explorer and 1-2-3 Ocarina, Music Time-Traveller will become a standard for young musicians, whatever their instrument.