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Around the world in 20 songs

Music World-Explorer starts simply with London Bridge and On the Bridge (Sur le Pont d’Avignon) and then fly around the world to discover islands, mountains and cities where music plays a vital part in everyday life.

As you explore each continent sing and play to the beat of African drums, the strumming of Hawaiian guitars, the Eastern sounds of the snake charmer’s pipe and more. Each new song looks, sounds and feels as if you are really there. Shut your eyes and listen to the exquisite CD recordings; then sing and play along. These are substantial tunes: the CD lasts over an hour.

Music World-Explorer is colourful in both presentation and experience.

Travelling round the Pacific Ring of Fire will introduce you in music and song to the culture and concerns of island people in Hawaii and New Zealand as well as to nature and the effects of natural disasters. The language and terminology of these songs is gently didactic, memorable and hugely fun.

Each song has Oc-pix™ or Oc-box™ notation to support ocarina players and the tunes are equally appropriate for violins, flutes, recorders, glockenspiels and ukuleles. Try them at home or with friends, playing all your instruments, and in large and small bands at school.

Music World-Explorer Teacher has cross-curricular project ideas for geography, science, languages and more, showing you how you can keep music live by making it part of every day, every lesson and every experience. And if you’re not feeling musical today, let the children take the lead with the support of the audio CD.

Most importantly ENJOY seeing each new place being brought alive in front of you. Add costumes, dances, food and props as you make a performance of all 20 songs. Your audience will feel that they’ve travelled the world with you. Musicians will enjoy the rich instrumentation of the CD recordings and the accessible piano arrangements.

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For your class, buy Music World-Explorer class music book in Ocarina Rainbow Starter Boxes, in Class Packs, together with teaching resources, or with partner book Music Time-Traveller as the Explorer StarBuy.

Music World-Explorer Teacher with audio CD has everything to support instrumental music teaching. If you wish to use these books with other instruments, get this set of books.

Alongside Music Zero-to-Hero, Music Time-Traveller and 1-2-3 Ocarina, Music World-Explorer will become a standard for young musicians.