Ocarina Karaoke, backings and more…

Ocarina Karaoke, ocarina backingsOnce the notes are under your fingers and you can play a tune reasonably well, it’s time to get into training…

Playing alone is easy; playing with others takes a bit more practice. To help with this, each of our books is available with an audio CD, so you can hear how each tune should sound and then have a go yourself:

Play along with a full performance, or choose backing tracks for your very own Ocarina Karaoke session. You can star as soloist, accompanied by a rich mix of instruments including full Orchestra (Beethoven’s Ode to Joy) or funky Band (Goodnight Ladies) in Book 1, and Guitar (Greensleeves) or Accordion (Can Can) in Book 2, to mention just a few… and these are just four of 137 tunes and 252 tracks on our CDs.

The challenge of keeping up with the band, staying in tune with the guitar or coming in at the right time with the orchestra will introduce you to the real world of professional music. Take a quick look at the music, fix the tune in your head and, moments later, you may be playing in the recording studio or on the concert platform. This challenge is equally fun if you are six years old, teenage or adult. Take up the Ocarina Karaoke challenge today at home, or to inspire your groups at school.

Ocarina Karaoke, Ocarina Backing tracks - Book 4

Ocarina Karaoke, Ocarina Backing tracks - Book 2