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Adventurous Music-Making supports the music curriculum for KS1, KS2 and KS3 and brings music into cross-curricular projects. These NEW class music books help children play instruments and sing, listen actively, compose, improvise and learn about the world through music. Adventurous Music-Making Teacher books help class teachers keep MUSIC as an essential part of a broad and balanced curriculum and as a life-line for children’s recovery curriculum.

Adventurous Music-Making books are
✓ for ocarinas, recorders, ukuleles, voices and the whole class band
✓ available singly, or in class packs with teacher books, CDs and more
✓ suitable for all children and all teachers

Bring Music into all area of the curriculum:
History, Geography, Languages, Science, PSHE, Literacy and more…

✓ Sing and play over 100 songs, accompanied by authentic backings
✓ create and compose your own music
✓ learn about the world and its peoples
✓ delve into history and geography… all at the same time!

Music Zero-to-Hero is our simplest book yet, to make whole-class music possible throughout KS1. Songs are notated in OcPix™ throughout the book, which starts with one and two note tunes, with gradual progression.
Music World-Explorer takes participants on a journey to experience new cultures, musics, peoples and life-styles. Become familiar with scales and rhythms of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe… and play, play, play…
Music Time-Traveller has authentic songs from Stone Age to Space Age, all playable on the Oc® with thoughtful lyrics to transport you through different ages. Connect directly with history with songs from each era, through 42,050 years…

Music Code-Cracker and Music Music-Maker were published in March 2020, ready for teachers and pupils at home or at school. Music Code-Cracker can be used as a first music book at KS1, 2 or 3, introducing music-making through puzzles and games, including step-by-step composing. Music Music-Maker introduces all the elements of music through DOING, and continues as a guide to composing and improvising.
The Teacher Books also support whole-class composing, improvising, code-cracking
and ADVENTUROUS music-making…

Any teacher can teach with Ocarinas, whether they feel ‘musical’ or not.
Our class packs have everything you need for successful music-making.
The Beginner, Composer and Explorer StarBuys are best value.

These new resources will enable you to introduce music-making into all areas of the curriculum and provide content to sing about in music lessons. Every song has ocarina finger-charts, the musical stave is always present along with guitar / ukulele chords too, so any instrumentalist can play along. The teacher books introduce background and teaching tips for each song.

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Have a good term!
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