EXPLORER: World-Explorer and Time-Traveller


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Ocarina Workshop EXPLORER resources are:

Music World-Explorer | Music Time-Traveller

This MUSIC EXPLORER PROGRESSION document references all 41 songs in Music World-Explorer and Music Time-Traveller and shows how these activity books help deliver the statutory Music Curriculum, with reference to the Model Music Curriculum too.

  • for KS1, KS2 and KS3 (children aged 5 to 14 and their teachers)
  • Introduction, Overview: when and how to introduce each song
  • Songs and Pieces: musical elements, skills and knowledge checklist
  • Photocopiable Progress Charts for each title and every song
  • teaching tips for non-specialist and specialist alike

'Music World-Explorer' and 'Music Time-Traveller' take you and your pupils on a JOURNEY around the world and through forty thousand years of history. Get on board to explore new places, have new experiences, do new things and learn about the world, its people and their music, past and present.

Use these documents to help you plan Whole-School Music Lessons with Ocarinas, Voices and other instruments.

Music World-Explorer  |  Music Time-Traveller  |  EXPLORER STAR BUY

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