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    The Langley ceramic Alto Ocarina sounds at the same pitch as the plastic Oc. It is the same size as the Oc and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. The Alto has a rich, singing tone which will fill any concert hall and delight the listener. Ideal for solo and group playing, the ceramic Alto blends well with any other instrument and will add a richness to...

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    The Langley ceramic Bass Ocarina sounds exactly one octave below the plastic Oc and ceramic Alto and two octaves below the Mini. It produces a consistently pure, resonant sound. Bass ocarinas can be introduced to your Ocestra™ or ocarina group to double melody and harmony parts in any of the Play your Ocarina books. The Bass is also a great ocarina for...

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    The Soprano Ocarina is a 6-hole ocarina with the sweetest soprano voice you will ever hear! Whether you play Mozart, jazz or traditional folk, the sound of this beauty will carry across the largest hall and the busiest street. Perform or busk from the Play your Ocarina books and the G pitch of the ocarina will lift music off the page to sound four notes...

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    The Tenor Ocarina is a 6-hole ceramic ocarina with a mellow flute-like tone. It is a superb ocarina for close-harmony groups, sounding halfway between Alto and Bass. It is also a favourite individual ocarina with a deliciously fruity sound. This ocarina is equivalent to the treble recorder. Play 'Daisy Daisy' in the Video section to see Basses and Tenors...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items