Soprano Ocarina G

Soprano Ocarina G

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The Soprano Ocarina is a 6-hole ocarina with the sweetest soprano voice you will ever hear!

Whether you play Mozart, jazz or traditional folk, the sound of this beauty will carry across the largest hall and the busiest street. Perform or busk from the Play your Ocarina books and the G pitch of the ocarina will lift music off the page to sound four notes higher than written.

The Soprano ocarina plays easily alongside other G ocarinas, and is ideal for adding descants and harmonies to tunes played on D ocarinas, as shown in Skye Boat Song in the Video section.

As with all our handmade ceramic ocarinas, the Soprano is beautifully glazed in aquamarine and supplied complete with cord in a presentation box for safe-keeping.

Please note: this is a unique hand-made instrument and therefore the aquamarine glaze will vary slightly from instrument to instrument.

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Soprano G Ocarina, 6-hole ceramic
Handmade for Ocarina Workshop in the UK by John Langley, the Soprano measures 65mm (2.5 inches) and is tuned to A440 concert pitch. It plays in any key, and has a range of just over one octave from G to A'.
A 'How to Play' fingering chart accompanies each instrument.

G ocarinas sound 4 notes higher than the written music in Ocarina Workshop books. For special instructions on playing G ocarinas see pages 29 to 31 of Play your Ocarina Book 4. If you want to play in tune with Play your Ocarina CDs, please select a D ocarina.

Langley Ceramic Ocarinas are played in school award-winning performances (see Video Gallery). The English 4-hole fingering system on top, and the thumb-holes underneath are identical to those on the plastic 4-hole and 6-hole Oc®, making the transition from plastic to ceramic easy. Different sizes of ceramic ocarina offer a variety of sounds to enhance any group or consort, from amateur to professional. To listen to each ocarina, visit the Sound section on this site.

Ocarina Workshop® have supplied plastic and ceramic ocarinas to the BBC Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, City of Birmingham and BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestras along with London Sinfonietta and many other world class ensembles.

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