2-in-1 Duet Bass CC

2-in-1 Duet Bass CC

£ 720.00 inc-vat £ 600.00 ex-vat

The Langley ceramic Bass Duet Ocarina CC is beautiful in tuning and in looks. Everyone is amazed at the richness and individuality of this Duet ocarina. Two Bass ocarinas are housed within the exterior body of a Great Bass and their voices blend superbly together. Enjoy the mysteries of playing in harmony or dissonance for wonderful effects. This is an ideal instrument for the performance of early music and also for exploring the wide repertoire of the Duet Ocarina Book. Because of the weight of this massive ocarina, we recommend it to adults only.

A beautiful work of art with an exquisite sound. Truly Stunning Collectors Item. Last One!

For best results and to get the most from your Langley Bass Duet Ocarina, we recommend...

  • The Duet Ocarina Book – £6.95
    The complete method for playing the Duet Ocarina. This book is recommended for use with all Ocarina Workshop Duet ocarinas and includes 26 tunes through the ages from the 13th Century to the present day.
  • The Duet Ocarina Book CD Edition – £11.95
    The Duet Ocarina book (as above) complete with audio CD featuring all the songs in the book played on both CC and GG duet ocarinas.

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Bass Duet Ocarina CC, 8-hole ceramic Handmade for Ocarina Workshop in the UK by John Langley, the Bass Duet measures 180mm (7.25 inches) and is tuned to A440 concert pitch. As with all our handmade ceramic ocarinas, the Bass Duet is beautifully glazed in aquamarine and supplied complete with cord in a presentation box for safe-keeping. A fingering chart accompanies each instrument. The Bass Duet plays mainly in the keys of C and F and has a range of one octave from C to C'.

Langley Ceramic Ocarinas are played in school award-winning performances (see Media Video section). The English 4-hole fingering system is adapted to work with Duet Ocarinas. It remains easy to learn in conjunction with the charts in the Duet Ocarina Book. Different sizes of ceramic ocarina offer a variety of sounds to enhance any group or consort, from amateur to professional. To listen to each Duet Ocarina, visit the Media Sound section on this site.

Ocarina Workshop have supplied plastic and ceramic ocarinas to the BBC Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, City of Birmingham and BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestras along with London Sinfonietta and many other world class ensembles.