The Duet Ocarina Book

The Duet Ocarina Book

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The Duet Ocarina book includes 26 tunes through the ages from the 13th Century to the present day.

This book is recommended for use with all Ocarina Workshop Duet ocarinas. Tunes are notated with tablature to show which holes to cover and are written for both GG and CC duets. Guitar chords and informative text make this the complete tutor that will help you play your first pieces easily and develop an extensive repertoire on these, the most unusual and captivating of ocarinas.

You will soon learn how to harmonise perfectly on these double-chambered instruments. Playing with the two sides in unison is also a useful skill to add variety (and surprise) to your performance. 

The Duet Ocarina Book is also available with accompanying CD.

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The Duet Ocarina Book ISBN 1 871210 03 8
by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 1991 / 2006
48 pages with 26 arrangements for both GG and CC Duet ocarina with musical stave, duet-ocarina finger-charts, guitar chords, playing tips and a short history of multiple flutes.

Ocarina Workshop Duet Ocarinas are handmade in the UK by John Langley.

There are four Duet Ocarinas in the range:
The Soprano Duet is two 4-hole Soprano ocarinas in an Alto body. Plays G to G.
The Tenor Duet is two 4-hole Tenor ocarinas in a Bass body. Plays G to G.
The Alto Duet is two 4-hoe Alto ocarinas in a Tenor body. Plays C to C.
The Bass Duet is two 4-hole Bass ocarinas in a Great Bass body. Plays C to C.

All our duet ocarinas are tuned to A440 concert pitch, they are beautifully glazed in aquamarine and supplied complete with cord in a presentation box for safe-keeping. We recommend The Duet Ocarina Book to help you get to grips with playing and set you on course for your own arranging.

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