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Ocarina Workshop – CPD, Festivals and more…

13th November 2015

The concentration and delight on the faces of the year 2 to year 6 children, and the sound of their confident, musical playing bore evidence of the success of the Ocarina Programme in Central Bedfordshire Hub.

Last October, thanks to SMA, class teachers from 12 schools were introduced to the Ocarina and trained to lead their own class music lessons effectively. Each school was provided with an Ocarina World Record Legacy Class Set of Ocarinas with accompanying teaching resources and the teachers enthusiastically set about teaching their classes to play the Ocarina using Play your Ocarina – Book 1 ‘Starting off’. Read more

Ocarina Winners

11th July 2005

The National Festival of Music for Youth 2005 involved over 100,000 young musicians. Of the many groups taking part, a few were invited to perform in the finals, where Outstanding Performance Awards were made for the most exceptional performances.

Our Ocarina group of fifteen players, aged 8 to 12 years, were surprised to be selected for the finals, and completely amazed to receive the Outstanding Performance Award in the Junior class. Their performance was captured on the day from a distance, and rehearsals show how they prepared for this peak of achievement. Read more