‘G’ Ocarinas

The ‘G’ ocarina family

Micro, Soprano, Tenor, Great Bass and MegaBass ocarinas offer a five octave treat. Choose your favourite from the sound files below. The Micro is incredibly tiny and great fun to play. The massive globe-sized MegaBass is rare and only occasionally offered for sale. Soprano, Tenor and Great Bass are wonderful consort instruments with their own distinctive voices.

Langley Micro Ocarina

Short jingle played on:

Ceramic 5-hole Micro Ocarina

Ceramic Soprano Ocarina

Ceramic Tenor Ocarina

Ceramic Great Bass Ocarina

Ceramic MegaBass Ocarina

Tune played on:

Ceramic 5-hole Micro Ocarina – Can Can

Ceramic Soprano Ocarina – Floral Dance

Ceramic Tenor Ocarina – Sally Gardens

Ceramic Great Bass – A Policeman’s Lot

Ceramic MegaBass – Can Can