Duet ocarinas

Duet ocarinas

When you listen to the sound of these Duet Ocarinas, remember that just one person is playing on a single instrument. Each Duet Ocarina is double-chambered to produce a distinctive sound. The ‘G’ Soprano Duet sings brightly and the ‘C’ Alto Duet has a mellow tone that is our favourite. The ‘G’ Tenor Duet and ‘C’ Bass Duet sound an octave beneath the Soprano and Alto respectively. Choose which you would like to play by listening to these sound files. These beautiful instruments are easy to play, but challenging to play well!

Short jingle played on:

Langley Alto Duet Ocarina

Soprano Duet Ocarina

Alto Duet Ocarina

Tenor Duet Ocarina

Bass Duet Ocarina

Tune played on:

Soprano Duet Ocarina – Spring

Alto Duet Ocarina – Cradle Song

Alto Duet Ocarina – Joy to the World

Tenor Duet Ocarina – Oh Susanna

Bass Duet Ocarina – Amazing Grace