‘D’ Ocarinas

The ‘D’ ocarina family

The ceramic Alto, plastic Oc® and cardboard Card-oc® all play at a singing pitch with D as their lowest note, although skilled players can ‘nose-shade’ down to a C sharp. The Mini ocarina sounds an octave higher and the Bass (rhymes with ‘face’!) sounds an octave lower. Choose which you would like to play by listening to these sound files. All our ocarinas have six finger-holes for a full 6-hole scale unless marked ‘4-hole’.

Range of notes played on:


Plastic 4-hole Oc® simple scale

Plastic 6-hole Oc® simple scale

Plastic 4-hole Oc® chromatic scale

Plastic 6-hole Oc® chromatic scale

Short jingle played on:

Plastic 4-hole Oc® Ocarina

Ceramic Alto Ocarina

Ceramic Mini Ocarina

Ceramic Bass Ocarina

Cardboard 4-hole Card-oc® Ocarina

Ceramic Fish 4-hole Ocarina

Tune played on:

Langley Ceramic Bass Ocarina

Plastic 4-hole Oc® – Last Rose of Summer

Plastic 6-hole Oc® – When a knight won his spurs

Plastic 6-hole Oc® – Yellow Bird

Ceramic Alto – Greensleeves

Ceramic Mini – Alleluia

Ceramic Bass – Country Gardens

Ceramic Fish 4-hole – The Trout

Cardboard 4-hole Card-oc®