Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens

Book 2 Screens
Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation allowing all 22 tunes in Book 2 to be viewed on-screen or projected for whole-class use.

Follow the music and lyrics on-screen as you sing or play along to any of the three soundtracks provided with each song:

  • Performance Track – listen to the ocarina and the backing band – great for learning how the song goes!
  • Backing Track – enjoy playing or singing along with the backing band
  • Rehearsal Track – a slowed-down version of the Performance Track

Play along with the built-in soundtracks

The video playlist below showcases 3 example clips – one for each type of soundtrack.
Watch as each line of music smoothly transitions to the next part in time with the soundtrack.
Play or sing along by continually following each line of music from top to bottom.

Big Buck Bunny
youtube play
vimeo play

Book 2 Screens

  • Example clip 1 (Performance)
    Example clip 1 (Performance)
  • Example clip 2 (Backing)
    Example clip 2 (Backing)
  • Example Clip 3 (Rehearsal)
    Example Clip 3 (Rehearsal)


How to buy

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