*NEW* Book 2 Screens

*NEW* Book 2 Screens

£ 72.00 inc-vat £ 60.00 ex-vat

Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation allowing all 22 tunes in Book 2 to be viewed on-screen or projected for whole-class use.

Follow the music and lyrics on-screen as you sing or play along to any of the three soundtracks provided with each song:

  • Performance Track – listen to the ocarina and the backing band – great for learning how the song goes!
  • Backing Track – enjoy playing or singing along with the backing band
  • Rehearsal Track – this is a slowed-down version of the Performance Track

Book 2 – Moving On has a lovely international flavour and is an ideal follow-on from Book 1. Follow fingercharts to play songs and dances from around the world. Enjoy a taste of France (Can Can), the USA (Grandfather's Clock), the Netherlands (Barges), Germany (Muss i'denn), Russia (Black eyes) and more.

Play your Ocarina Book 2 introduces tips, techniques and tunes for players of 4-hole and 6-hole ocarinas from Ocarina Workshop, and is equally suitable for both instruments. Simple rounds and harmonies will encourage ocarina-playing with friends and in groups. 

View sample videos of 'Book 2 Screens' here

IMPORTANT!   Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens is supplied on CD as a Microsoft Powerpoint .ppsx file and requires the installation of
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and higher for Windows or
2011 and higher for Apple Macintosh computers

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Product Specification

Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens for Microsoft PowerPoint – supplied on CD-Rom
Published for use with the Oc® plastic ocarina, made in the UK by Ocarina Workshop®

Computer Requirements
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and higher for Windows OR Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 and higher for Apple Macintosh.
CD/DVD disk drive.

Please note: Play your Ocarina Book 2 Screens is only intended to display pages electronically and the printing of slides and handouts is not permitted.