World Record AttemptThere will be an attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Largest Ocarina Ensemble, on 5th November 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

A massed choir of 1,200 children will lead an evening of Music and Ocarina-playing at a Young Supporters’ Concert, organised by Barnardo’s. The audience will be invited to take part in the World’s Largest Ocarina Ensemble. Everyone will play Ocarinas together.

2013 celebrates…

50 years of the English 4-hole Ocarina

30 years of Ocarinas in UK Schools

25 years of the English Plastic Ocarina

Rainbow Ocarinas™ are re-styled in celebration!

The English Ocarina is one of the simplest, cleverest musical instruments ever invented. Newly re-styled for 2013, Oc® are even more robust, even better tuned, of outstanding quality.

As you play, enjoy the rims around the finger holes, the deep rainbow colours, the new chunky mouthpiece and richly beautiful tone. It is the result of extensive research and advanced manufacturing technology:

Thank you to Dudley Associates, UK manufacturers of Rainbow Oc®, for making ocarinas for the event.

Thank you to Signature Ribbon for supplying ocarina strings.

Thank you to the Schools Music Association for partnering Ocarina Workshop in this World Record Attempt.

Thank you to Barnardo’s for including ocarina-playing in their suppporters’ concert.

Thank you to Music for All helping us involve everyone in playing musical instruments.

Thank you to Stanley L Hunt Printers for printing the ocarina music pages.

Thank you to the Ocarina Workshop® team for making this World Record Attempt possible.

And a special thank you to Douglas Coombes MBE for his arrangement “Ode to a Joyful New Star” –

If you want to practise in advance, have a go at Twinkle Twinkle, Ode to Joy and New World, all in Play your Ocarina Book 1 (pages 5, 26 and 27). The teaching resources here will help you prepare for the day!

For any further information about this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record attempt, please email or ring 01536 485963.


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