Trial Ocarina Sets and Books

Our Trial Ocarina Book Sets offer something for everyone. If you’re new to the Ocarina and want to try it yourself first, or if you already use Ocarinas in the classroom, you can explore some of the other options available such as ‘1-2-3 Ocarina’ or some of the follow-on books in the ‘Play your Ocarina’ series.

Please use the links below to view more details of each offer. Our Trial Pack prices represent a cost saving on normal prices and also benefit from FREE DELIVERY for UK orders, one order per School. Delivery outside the UK is charged at our normal delivery rates.


4-hole Oc and Book 1

4-hole Oc, Book 1 and
1-2-3 Ocarina

4-hole Oc, Book 1 and
1-2-3 Ocarina + CD




6-hole Oc and Complete
Books 1–4

1-2-3 Ocarina Book and CD

Follow-on Books: Book 2,
Songs of Praise & Carols