“Fool-proof music theory”

Today we received this email from Italy, from a 56 year old first-time ocarina-player who has never played a musical instrument before:

Dear Christa and David, last week I received my splendid ceramic ocarina and the greatest fool-proof music theory book ever conceived – and dived into it immediately. Your book makes everything easy – and ocarina playing is so easy – in the past music was always presented as a sacred language for the initiated. Thanks a lot – I know I can always consult you for assistance with my playing. Thanks for your labour of love.

Ocarina playing is for everyone. Whether you are 4 or 84, English-speaking or not, musically ‘literate’ or not – if you have a song in your heart and a love of life, we hope you will play your Ocarina for others to enjoy.

Many Primary School teachers in the UK are bringing Music to their schools through Ocarina-Playing. We applaud the untiring work of those teachers who, often against the odds, have brought live music back to their classrooms.

Thank you to our friends who encourage us in our work.

Christa & David Liggins

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