Ocarina Concerts in Brazil

Our Brazilian friend, Marcia Contador, wrote to us from her home near Sao Paolo about twelve ocarina concerts that she presented in 2007. She commented:

“the acoustic inside the church was heavenly. My Bass Ocarina filled the whole church and echoed beautifully, especially when played on the rear balcony”.

Since then, Marcia has played lots of ocarinas on YouTube. She loves the Ocarina Workshop Oc® commenting: “it has a pure, gentle and very sweet tone, and is a delight to play. I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults alike the joys of ocarina playing on these plastic ocarinas along with the books and CDs.” Play along with Marcia in the video clip below: (Mango Walk, Play your Ocarina Book 4, page 9).

Marcia goes on to say:

the Oc is my favourite plastic ocarina because it has a clean, clear, smooth sound through the whole of its range and is really learner-friendly.

Judge for yourself from the clip below: (The Entertainer, Play your Ocarina Book 4, page 16).

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