1995 on TV

In 1995, the BBC featured school assemblies in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and asked to include ocarinas. We sent them to Edinburgh and the resulting song is below. All other songs in the programme were accompanied by sixth form students and professional musicians. This song was entirely accompanied by nine and ten year old children on ocarinas. The main tune is played on 90 plastic school ocarinas whilst the five harmony parts are played by a small group on Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass ceramic ocarinas.


Songs of Praise (19 November 1995)

Several other school ocarina groups have played on television over the years. In 1986, the Montagu School Ocarina Group from Kettering played on national television as a result of their Highly Commended Performances at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Pastime with Good Company and Daisy, Daisy are archive recordings from those days.

Pastime with Good Company (12 March 1986)

Daisy, Daisy (12 March 1986)


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