Section Headings: Plastic and ceramic ocarinas

Are ceramic ocarinas breakable?

Drop any musical instrument from a height and it will be damaged! These ocarinas are made and glazed to last. Wear your ocarina round your neck when playing, and store it safely in its box at other times so that it will last for years.

Which sounds better, the plastic or the ceramic ocarina?

The plastic Oc® has a great sound. Older children and adults may prefer the more mellow tone and sophisticated feel of the ceramic Alto. Both are great instruments and even the Card-oc® produces a terrific sound! Listen to the sound files and videos on this site to make up your own mind.

How soon can I play the 6-hole ocarina?

Many players start with the 6-hole ocarina and just keep thumb-holes covered for their first 30 tunes in Books 1 and 2. We recommend 4-hole ocarinas for younger children and for whole class music lessons, where thumb-holes are not needed.