Section Headings: Ocarina teaching CD-Rom software

If I order the CD-Rom, do I need books as well?

A class set of ocarinas and a CD-Rom work perfectly well by themselves. Books are useful if you want to send children off to practice individually, in small groups, or at home. Books are also very portable for carrying in to assembly, or to other venues where you may like to perform without having to take technology with you. Playing from Book 1 is also an important skill to learn, as reading familiar music from this book will prepare a class to progress on to other music books. So whilst the CD-Rom is meant to work without books, keep a class set of Book 1 handy for special occasions, and to add variety to your lessons. Read more

Can I print pages from the CD-Rom?

The CD-Rom is perfectly designed for on-screen display, with animated ocarina and colourful music. However, the 428 scrolling screens would not work as printouts. Fortunately, all the music appears in highly readable form in Play your Ocarina Book 1 so printing is not necessary.

Can I buy a Site Licence for the CD-Rom?

There is no annual fee or Site Licence for the CD-Rom. Each CD-Rom is supplied for installation on one computer only and paid for just once. We therefore offer discounted prices for buying two or more, and five or more, for anyone who needs to install on more than one computer. A single CD-Rom can be installed a second time, for legitimate reasons, when a computer has to be replaced or reconfigured. Re-installing does trigger email warnings, so please buy enough CD-Rom for one each per computer. Read more