Section Headings: Music books and CDs

Can I play beyond Book 1 on my 4-hole Oc® ?

Yes! Most of the tunes in the other books are completely ‘4-hole friendly’. Where the occasional 6-hole note appears, an alternative ‘4-hole’ fingering is usually given. The best method is to play each note as published, using a 6-hole ocarina when necessary, but don’t let that stop you from having a go at everything on your 4-hole Oc® . Read more

How will my children learn to read music?

Many children play all the tunes in the Play Your Ocarina books simply by following the charts; they then go on to read music easily. This is because reading the charts gives them confidence and the music above the charts becomes a familiar friend. Use ‘1-2-3 Ocarina’ alongside Play Your Ocarina – Book 1 to teach the names of the first 10 ocarina-notes and learning to recognise them on the musical stave – and read rhythms too. This method works with everyone – whether a child in Year 1 or an adult having to teach music for the first time! Read more

May I photocopy the music books for use within my group?

No! The books are copyright and contain copyright material. Each time you buy a book, Ocarina Workshop pays a royalty on your behalf to the songwriters. Sales of Play your Ocarina books also funds new publishing so you will have even more music to play in the future. Your group will benefit from using original materials rather than loose sheets. Please keep legal by taking advantage of bulk buy prices and free delivery to fully equip your group with music books. Read more