Section Headings: Duet Ocarinas

How many notes can you play on a Duet ocarina?

Twenty two! 11 on the left and the same 11 repeated on the right. Each set of 4-holes are positioned three on top, and one underneath. This means that the full octave of notes, including semitones, can be played using only one hand.

How is the Duet ocarina made?

With huge amounts of time, patience and skill! John Langley positions a wall down the centre of the single-chambered instrument to create two separate ocarinas. Each side is fine-tuned to itself and its partner.

Can two Duet ocarina players play quartets?

Yes. It is best to choose two Duets an octave apart so the four sounds are varied in pitch – Soprano and Tenor (G) or Alto and Bass (C). We have yet to hear of an octet for four, but have enjoyed playing quartets for two!