and big fingers too! The English Ocarina has just four finger-holes. Cover them in different combinations to play 14 musical notes. Children and adults play tunes straight away – just follow the charts, breathe steadily and enjoy.

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*New* for Primary Music-making...'1-2-3 Ocarina'  *Play Ocarinas and read music at the same time with 1-2-3 Ocarina…* *Musical beginners of any age* can....... read more

Ocarina Workshop first introduced ocarinas to UK schools in 1983.

Since then, thousands of children and teachers have discovered the joy of making music together: Music for Every Child and Every Teacher™ is our promise.

Ocarinas At Home

Playing the ocarina is a great hobby - and relaxing too! Teach yourself, or play along with friends and family - the books will guide your fingers.
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Ocarinas In School

Oc® Ocarinas are perfect for Whole Class Music. Easy to Teach and Fun to Play™, the Oc® can transform music in your school, forever.
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The School Oc® is just one member of the ocarina family. There are tiny, large and double ocarinas and you can play great music on them all.
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Ocarina Music

Play your Ocarina books: the original and the best! Play everything from folk to pop, and carols to classics. Your success is guaranteed.
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