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  • £ 11.00ex-vat
    £ 12.50inc-vat

    Our most popular ocarina and book set. Any first-time ocarina player will be amazed at how well they can play great sounding tunes with this 4-hole Oc and Book 1 set.All 11 notes are equally easy to play and clearly shown in the book. Play tunes confidently from day one by following the ocarina-shaped finger-charts and music in Book 1. Looking to buy...

  • £ 36.00ex-vat
    £ 36.00inc-vat

    When you invest in the best books ever written for the 4-hole Ocarina, we'll give you the instrument FREE of charge. With these four books plus CDs, you have nearly 100 songs, tunes and arrangements to play and nearly four hours of cracking music to accompany you.With this 4-hole Deluxe Set you can explore the world of music from France (Can Can) to the...

  • £ 21.50ex-vat
    £ 23.60inc-vat

    All four 'Play your Ocarina' books in one volume, together with the 'advanced' 6-hole Oc and a soft and stretchy OcSock to protect your Oc. The 6-hole Oc is robust, well tuned and a pleasure to play. Follow the charts to progress from 'Old MacDonald' to Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory' through a colourful variety of different musical styles. Dip into easy...

  • Multi-buy
    £ 8.00ex-vat
    £ 9.60inc-vat

    The 4-hole Oc provides instant success and a surprising range of notes. Just wear round your neck, cover the holes with your first two fingers, and breathe steadily into the mouthpiece. The pure sound blends well, even in groups of 30. And the Oc cuts out if blown too strongly! We love the simplicity of the 4-hole ocarina and the possibility of playing 14...

  • £ 8.00ex-vat
    £ 9.60inc-vat

    Easy to hold and easy to master, the 4-hole Oc is the ideal first musical instrument for beginners of all ages. Covering different combinations of four fingerholes gives a full octave of notes plus three sharps and flats – enough for any first-time musician! The first eleven notes on this ocarina are equally easy to play. A steady breath produces a clear...

  • £ 8.95ex-vat
    £ 8.95inc-vat

    This book has a lovely international flavour. As you play along with the CD, imagine you have travelled the world too: get a taste of France (Can Can), the Netherlands (Barges), Germany (Muss i'denn), the USA (Grandfather's Clock), Russia (Black eyes) and more, all playable on the 4-hole Oc. And enjoy the traditional Irish, Scottish and British songs and...