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    Complete Book is a great starting point for anyone wanting to play the Ocarina well, providing all the tunes and tuition needed for rapid progress. The 6-hole ocarina-player will enjoy getting their thumbs working to master all the extra notes in this 128 page bumper volume. Packed with over 88 pieces of music – the Complete Guide contains the whole of...

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    All four 'Play your Ocarina' books in one volume, together with the 'advanced' 6-hole Oc and a soft and stretchy OcSock to protect your Oc. The 6-hole Oc is robust, well tuned and a pleasure to play. Follow the charts to progress from 'Old MacDonald' to Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory' through a colourful variety of different musical styles. Dip into easy...

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    Explore your 6-hole Oc and see if you can play all the arrangements in this bumper collection. And if you're not sure how 'Rock around the Oc' sounds, just listen to the CD and play along with the band. The 6-hole Oc is a versatile instrument. It can sound like panpipes as you play latin tunes, like a sax in the funkier numbers and then like a flute as...

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    The 6-hole Ocarina is identical in size and pitch to the 4-hole Ocarina – it just has two added thumb-holes which give four accurately-tuned extra notes. For all of the tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 1 'Starting off', keep the thumb-holes closed and play as if you have a 4-hole Oc. Follow the Oc-pix and Oc-box(ocarina picture notes) to show where to...

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    The 6-hole Ocarina is a 4-hole Ocarina with two thumb-holes added. These extra holes give four additional notes. For all of the tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 1 'Starting off', keep the thumb-holes closed and play as if you have a 4-hole Oc. The Oc-pix and Oc-box under the notes show exactly where to place your fingers. Listen to the tunes on the CD and...

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    The OcSock provides a soft cover for your 6-hole Ocarina, protecting it from knocks and scratches. Choose your favourite colour of Oc, pop it in the OcSock to keep it out of harm's way. You can even wear your Oc in its Sock!The 6-hole Ocarina has all 11 notes of the 4-hole Oc, plus a few extras. For all of the tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 1 'Starting...

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    This 6-hole Oc with CD-Editions of Book 2 'Moving On', Book 3 'Going For It' and Book 4 'Finishing Touches' make an excellent Follow-on Set for someone who already knows how to play the Oc. Includes a free OcSock. Book 2 introduces Further Techniques and Tunes to get your thumbs working; Book 3 has optional harmonies throughout, so are great to play by...

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    This Complete set of books plus 6-hole Oc is a great starting point, giving all the tunes and tuition for rapid progress. Music in the Complete Book is carefully graded and you can dip in and out of Carols and Songs of Praise to find something for all ages and all stages of playing. This set provides hours of fun and takes any aspiring musician to a level...

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    With this Complete set of books and CDs plus FREE Oc-Sock and 6-hole Oc you have everything you need. From simple tunes for effortless enjoyment to polished arrangements for sparkling performances, you can choose to play whatever you like – the sky's your limit! To accompany you on your musical journey are clearly laid out books and professionally...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items