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    Our most popular ocarina and book set. Any first-time ocarina player will be amazed at how well they can play great sounding tunes with this 4-hole Oc and Book 1 set.All 11 notes are equally easy to play and clearly shown in the book. Play tunes confidently from day one by following the ocarina-shaped finger-charts and music in Book 1. Looking to buy...

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    Start simply with Twinkle, Twinkle and soon you will play all 22 tunes in Book 1 as star performer.Listen to the CD to get to know the tunes and then play along. Easy-to-follow, ocarina-shaped charts in the book guide your fingers; the CD enhances your sound and accompanies your playing.  Adults enjoy playing the familiar folk and classical tunes just as...

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    The 4-hole Oc is a durable, squeak-free, UK-made instrument – ideal for beginners of all ages.1-2-3 Ocarina teaches how to play the Ocarina and to read music at the same time! The first 10 Ocarina Notes are introduced one-by-one through 31 beautifully simple, original songs with accompanying CD of funky and expressive backings. Ocarina fingerings are...

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    For just a couple of pounds, add a soft and stretchy OcSock. This fits your Oc perfectly to keep it safe whilst around your neck or when not in use.The 4-hole Oc is durable, squeak-free and UK-made. When teamed with Play Your Ocarina Book 1 'Starting off' this makes an ideal set for musical beginners of any age. Choose your colour of Oc and get it in just...

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    Keep your Oc securely in its rainbow OcSock when not in use. With so much to play, your Oc will not have much downtime!All the tunes in Play Your Ocarina Book 1 'Starting off'  from Daisy, Daisy to Goodnight Ladies and Camptown Races to Au Clair de la Lune have impressive backings for all to enjoy. Put the CD on, and bring a folk group, band and full...

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    Add a rainbow OcSock to your rainbow Oc of choice. For just a couple of pounds extra, your durable Oc is kept perfectly safe.The 4-hole Oc and 1-2-3 Ocarina are perfect musical companions. Add the great sound of the Ocarina to the best graded Ocarina book ever and you have a winning formula. Five year olds can learn to read music whilst playing, eleven...

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    Your award-winning 4-hole Oc will amaze and delight you and your audience. Start simply and progress rapidly with these two starter books.When these books are used side-by-side, the ocarina-player is rewarded with a vast array of tunes to play as well as a good grounding in general musicianship. Play tunes fluently from the ocarina charts in Book 1, name...

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    Books 1 and 2 move Ocarina-playing from simple first tunes to versatile repertoire in just 64 pages and 88 audio tracks. When you first play a 4-hole Ocarina (remember to choose your favourite colour), it is hard to imagine the journey it will take you on.This 4-hole Follow-on Set begins with 'Twinkle Twinkle' and ends with 'For he's a jolly good fellow'....

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    When you invest in the best books ever written for the 4-hole Ocarina, we'll give you the instrument FREE of charge. With these four books plus CDs, you have nearly 100 songs, tunes and arrangements to play and nearly four hours of cracking music to accompany you.With this 4-hole Deluxe Set you can explore the world of music from France (Can Can) to the...

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    Identical in size and pitch to our normal 4-hole Oc, this Ocarina has been specially adapted for one-handed use with three finger-holes down the centre of the Ocarina and one underneath for the thumb. This instrument is appropriate for either right-handed or left-handed use. The Oc-box™ ocarina charts have also been specially adapted to show this new...

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items