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The 6-hole Ocarina is identical in size and pitch to the 4-hole Ocarina – it just has two added thumb-holes which give four accurately-tuned extra notes. For all of the tunes in Play your Ocarina Book 2 'Moving On', keep the thumb-holes closed and play as if you have a 4-hole Oc. Follow the Oc-pix™ and Oc-box™ (ocarina picture notes under the musical stave) to show where to place your fingers.

As your confidence and enjoyment grows, a 6-hole Oc allows you to progress quickly to Books 3, 4, Carols and Songs of Praise where you will use the four extra notes that the thumb-holes offer.

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Product Specification

6-hole Oc® made in the UK for Ocarina Workshop from impact-resistant plastic.
Plays all notes D to E'. Measures 80mm (3.25 inches)
Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Play your Ocarina Book 2, Moving On ISBN 1 871210 05 4 (without CD)
by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 1992 / 2006
32 pages / 22 tunes with ocarina fingercharts, musical stave, words to songs, guitar chords

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