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Ocarina Flashcards

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If you've never taught the ocarina before, these Flashcards and will guide you and your pupils through the first lessons.

Get the children to look at you as you point to each of the first 8 notes in turn on the large high quality PVC flashcards. You will be delighted as they play a full scale of notes in the very first lesson!

Key-Stage 1 Infants will need to return to these Flashcards again and again and a series of games and warm-ups can be devised to reinforce each ocarina note. Try playing the downward scale, and isolating pairs or groups of notes to play simple tunes.

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Flashcards of Ocarina Notes made from high-quality PVC.
These A4 flashcards show the main ocarina notes for class use.
Supplied with Whole-Class Teaching Notes.

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