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This pack comprises 12 Ocarinas (4-hole) all neatly supplied in a strong and sturdy box, ideal for classroom storage.

Easy to hold and easy to master, the 4-hole Oc is the ideal first musical instrument for beginners of all ages. Covering different combinations of four finger holes gives a full octave of notes plus three sharps and flats - enough for any first-time musician! All eleven notes on this ocarina are equally easy to play. A gentle breath produces a clear singing tone.

This award-winning instrument was announced "Best Music Education Product" at the 2015 Music Teacher Awards.

Play your Ocarina Book 1 is recommended to help new ocarina players of all ages play tunes. Buy Oc & Book sets here.

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12 x 4-hole Oc® made in the UK for Ocarina Workshop from impact-resistant plastic.
Plays notes D to D'. Measures 80mm (3.25 inches)
Two each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple supplied in Ocarina storage box.

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