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This 6-hole Ocarina Rainbow Box has 12 x 6-hole Oc and 12 x books of your choosing. The 6-hole Ocarina is identical in size and pitch to the 4-hole Ocarina – it just has two added thumb-holes which give four accurately-tuned extra notes.

Choose from the following books: Book 1 'Starting Off', Book 2 'Moving On', Book 3 'Going for it', Book 4 'Finishing Touches', Ocarina Carols, Songs of Praise, Music World-Explorer or Music Time-Traveller. Each book is suitable for use with the 6-hole Oc. 

The FREE Teaching Notes included in the box will inspire both general class teachers and specialist musicians alike.

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Ocarinas £120 plus vat at 20% | Books £60 with 0% vat

12 x 6-hole Oc® made in the UK for Ocarina Workshop from impact-resistant plastic.
Plays all notes D to E'. Measures 80mm (3.25 inches)
Two each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

PLUS 12 books of your choice from this list. Read about them all here:

Play your Ocarina Book 1, Starting Off
ISBN 1 871210 04 6 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 2, Moving On
ISBN 1 871210 05 4 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 3, Going for it
ISBN 1 871210 06 2 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Book 4, Finishing Touches
ISBN 1 871210 07 0 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina Carols, to play and sing
ISBN 1 871210 09 7 (without CD)

Play your Ocarina – Songs of Praise
ISBN 1 871210 19 4 (without CD)

Music World-Explorer
ISBN 1 871210 51 4 (without CD)

Music Time-Traveller
ISBN 1 871210 55 2 (without CD)

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