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Music Code-Cracker is one of the most adventurous books in the 'Adventurous Music-Making' series, and probably the most amazing book ever published for whole-class singing and instrument-playing.

Adults will be as intrigued as children when they look through the 20 colourful songs, humorous illustrations and inventive layout. Musical jigsaws, mosaics and mirrors promote reading and writing and help children as young as five, and as old as teenagers, to compose music themselves.

Decoding and encrypting messages and spying are key elements of this music mystery-buster, which also explores major and minor keys, sound effects and the meaning of music.

Musical ownership is important, and something children don't get when handling photocopies, or viewing screens that are here today, gone tomorrow. This page-turner will lock children into playing pieces again and again, practising and making music like never before. It also encourages reading. 

The prices shown here are ridiculous! For as little as £3.30, a young musician can have access to a year or more of pieces to play, ideas to work out, activities to try.

Collate orders on behalf of parents to benefit from these discounts – they will thank you for it!

Also Available, Music Code-Cracker with CD

Also Available, Music Code-Cracker with CD
Sing, play along, and enjoy the vast array music in this book.
See the CD Book page

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Product Specification

Music Code-Cracker ISBN 1 871210 57 6 (Without CD)
by David and Christa Liggins, Ocarina Workshop Publications, 2020
A5 / 32 colour pages / 20 tunes with ocarina fingercharts, musical stave, words to songs, guitar chords
Suitable for age 5 to adult

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