Ocarinas in the Primary School – Report


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The English Ocarina was introduced to schools in 1983 by David and Christa Liggins and the first plastic ocarinas created in 1988.

The report "Ocarinas in the Primary School" looks at the first 30 years of English Ocarinas in UK Schools, challenging three basic principles: choice of instrument, teaching materials and tutor.

Ocarina-pupils develop early musicianship as they sing and play music of many genres. Their close interaction with a simple instrument brings musical rewards anything possible with more complex instruments, which only deliver a handful of notes.

Ocarina-teachers are general class teachers who are willing to "have a go" at music; they are also musicians who enjoy teaching large groups. The teaching-methods skill class teachers to do the "musical bits" and enable musicians to teach whole classes effectively.

'The 4-hole Oc' by Ocarina Workshop is FIRST WINNER of the 'Best Music Education Product Award' in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. This Ocarina "combines creative potential, ease of use, affordability and practicality" (award citation, 2015).

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